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Organza Pouch

13 Apr

I recently went to a trade show and found a new item. It is a 9 inch or 12 inch organza circle with flower like petal edges, it also has a satin ribbon close to the edge that you pull to make a pouch.

  1. pouch this is a 9″ organza circle
  2. pouch and candy place candy in the middle of the circle and gently pull on the ribbon
  3. finished pouch pull on the satin ribbons tight and tie a knot and make a bow with the extra ribbon

simple 1 pc tulle puff

5 Mar

Here is an example of a 1 pc simple tulle or organza puff

  1. tulle place candy (mints, Jordan almonds or potpourri) in the center of organza or tulle
  2. gather gather with ribbon (curling ribbon is great because you can add extra curls as decoration) and tie, but not too tight we will be adding flowers to the center, so leave just a little space in the middle to slip a lower decoration
  3. open pull the tulle apart gently to open the puff and expose a small entry to insert flowers
  4. insert insert a flower or a small bunch to the middle, (stemmed flowers are preffered)
  5. finish tie the puff with the ribbon to your favor and curl the rest of the ribbon for added decoration