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hair comb

22 Mar

For most special occasions we might want to add an extra touch to our hair, it takes 5 minutes to create an extra special flower comb

  1. flower and combI found a corsage and a comb and figured an easy way to put it together without glue, it can be made anytime,
  2. ribbontake off the ribbon and bend the stem back tightly, do not cut off, you still can use it as a corsage after the event
  3. rearange petalsre-arranged the flower petals and pearls to show the flower on the inside, then used the ribbon to tie the flower arrangement to the comb by inserting the ribbon in between the comb teeth from one end to the other and then breenging the ribbon to the center of the comb and securely tying it, then cut off the excess ribbon
  4. finishedfinished hair ornament