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Champagne centerpiece

1 Jun
  1. I have created an universal graduation centerpiece that can be used for any age graduation, this one is pointed toward a college or over 21 graduate.  The center stage for the centerpiece is a mini champagne bottle
  2. I Chose a mini champagne bottle, because it can be dressed up easier and it is light enough toset it up as a centerpiece, I am also going to use 2 plastic champagne glasses a ribbon for a bow and plain piece of paper to create a diploma.  I also created a little label with a picture to put over the original label.
  3. I am using the same base as in the previous Graduation centerpiece, this is just a variation of the original. Use the school colors of the graduate and if they are not available in metallic paper, plain tissue will work just as well
  4. Place the champagne glasses a little off center, one on it’s side and one stansing up, use a little hot glue to fasten them to the bottom of the centerpiece
  5. Once the glasses are secured, place the decorated champagne glass in the center and attach the graduation hat to the top of the bottle with hot glue, the plain paper rolled up looks like a diploma and also this can be attached to the ribbon and the bottle, and the bow should be representative of school colors.  This centerpiece can also be created for the younger graduates with sparkling grape juice

graduation favors

27 Apr
  1. To celebrate your special graduate, here are a few easy to make keepsake favors, I used white and burgundy colors, just as you would choose the school colors of the graduate
  2. this favor requires a plastic graduation hat candy / nut cup, candy or any treats you want to give away as favors, personalized ribbon 13 inch long and 1 yard of 1/4″ ribbon.
  3. fill the graduation hat with the treats, tie it on criss cross like a gift box to keep the top and bottom securely in place, and add the personalized ribbon to the top
  4. Here is another simple favor to make,  you will need a mini plastic champagne cup, and small 2 inch graduation statue, personalized ribbon, a 1/4″ ribbon 1 piece of 9 inch tulle and candy of your choice
  5. Make a candy puff with the tulle, make sure the tulle is not centered, just a little shorter in front to show off the statue. Before tieing the tulle insert the small graduation statue on top of the candy and tie off with the narrow ribbon, glue the personalized bowed ribbon to where the narrow ribbon was tied and place it insde the m ini glass, this gives it stability and height
  6. A small trophy is alway a winner as a graduation favor, just add candy, 1 piece of tulle and the personalized ribbon
  7. make a small puff out of the candy and tulle, insert it into the trophy, add the personalized ribbon by gluing it to the pouch and to add a little extra, glue a decorative graduation trinket to the ribbon