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Jordan Almond flower

27 Feb

Here is a new twist to Jordan Almonds, you can make a beautiful flower from nylon leaves and Jordan almonds, the leaves come in little bunches of 12, for out purposes I will use white candy, but they are available in different colors, you will need 5 nylon leaves, couple of green leaves a flower and white floral tape

here are the items you will need

the nylon leaves have a wire border, place an almond in the center and bring the sides together and pinch it slightly to close the leaf keeping the almond securely in the center. You can make the flower out of 5 or 7 almonds, either way they will look great.

Gather all of the items together, the made up nylon leaves, the green leaves and the flower. use one of the stems to wrap everything together to keep it from falling apart, for the best hold start as far at the top as possible

Wrap floral tape around all of the stems, once again starting high at the top

Arrange all of the petals sideways and place the flower in the center, because all of the leaves and flowers are on a wire, the positioning of the leaves does not need much effort.


double stack

19 Jan

For 10 years I had a store.  A 3,000 sq ft playground for people that wanted to do their own favors. I learned a lot from my customers and I tried to pass on what I knew and learned from them. Because the City acquired the building that I leased under eminent domain  I turned to e-commerce (EBay, Amazon and my own Party Favors Plus). I miss the personal touch with my customers, but email does a fine job also. I received a phone call few weeks ago from a lady claiming that we decorated her favors 9 years ago, and thru a web search stumbled onto the blog and took a chance it might be me.
She purchased candle holders for her son’s wedding and needed them decorated. When I saw her I remembered. Same type of candle holder. The nightmares of decorating this item came back, so I thought I will share the secret of decorating this one, because it is beautiful, but it does have few tricks.
The item is 2 universal candle holders, taper and tea lite. Mikasa. Gorgeous.

2 Mikasa candle holders came in a box

Wrap the candy in tulle so they don’t rattle around, fresh Jordan almonds can break the white sugar coating and because the glass is see through you might see dark almonds if the candy is not protected

Use the second candle holder as a cover for the candy, fitting the candle holders together

Cut tulle into 18 inch squares, and wrap the tulle around the set of candle holders. Here is a little trick you will need to do so the tulle does not slide and the candle holdes move around.  In a center of the tulle put a dab of hot glue on the bottom and than put a dab of hot glue on top before tying the tulle at the top

Trim the tulle by scooping all of it in one hand evenly and cutting the top of

Add a flower to the top by cutting a stem short and hot gluing it in and also add a personalized ribbon for the extra touch

Capias – corsage

15 Jun
  1. To make a capia, which is a corsage to commemorate an occasion we will need a ribbon or a larger flower for the base, I chose a pull bow ribbon. for the center I found a cold porcelain trinket that was already glued onto a piece of lace.  I will add a personalized ribbon and a straight pin for the back, and I also added a small magnet for after the occasion
  2. Using a 1.5 inch wide side pull pull bow, Cut 12 inches and pull together to the center. This will give you a nice large base ruffle
  3. Next I glued on my center trinket, I found a cold porcelain – paste like trinket that was already mounted onto a piece of lace. This gave my capia a little more ruffle, but you can glue any small plastic, glass or ceramic trinket that is representative of the occasion.  Just make sure it is not too heavy
  4. Next I added a personalized ribbon, if you do not have one you can just cut few thin strips of ribbons and glue them on, this will give the capia a little length
  5. To the back I added a pearl head straight pin and glued on a small magnet, for the event the capia can be worn by attaching it with a straight pin, but after an event it makes a great memorable magnet
  6. Here is a sample of the baby shower capia, and also one for a wedding

umbrella favor

2 Mar

Simple instructions on how to make an umbrella favor with Jordan almonds , you will need:

1. small plastic favor umbrella

2. 5 Jordan almonds

3. 9″ tulle or organza circle

4. plain or personalized ribbon (12-15 inch long depending on the width)

5 decorative silk, paper or satin flower

  1. plain umbrella this is a 2.5 inch plastic umbrella
  2. umbrella with candy place the head of the umbrella upside down in the center of the tulle, and place the 5 almonds inside the cap
  3. umbrella-0061.jpg gather the organza over the top evenly and tie in the center
  4. umbrella-008.jpg insert the stem of the umbrella by poking it thru the organza and inserting the tip into the slot of the cap tightly
  5. umbrella-009.jpg trim off the tie ribbon and add the personalized or plain ribbon where the organza was tied on top of the umbrella ( instructions for making this bow is in my earlier page)
  6. finished umbrella add flowers by hot gluing or if they are on the stem wrapping them onto the top for a finished look (gluing makes a neater look)