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4 May
  1. To create a graduation centerpiece I used the following items: 1 small 7″ paper plate (any color), 6″ Styrofoam circle, 26 metallic 9″x9″ squares (tissue can be used, but you must double them up) 12 pins with heads, hot glue gun, 24 gauge arts and crafts wire, 2 gold stars onion grass picks and 1 graduation hat stick.
  2. fold all 4 corners of the sqares to the top, pinch the center, use 5 inches of the pre-cut wire and fold in half, twist around the pinched end and keep twisting to the end, cut the wire with scissors or wire cutters at 1.25″ length. If you are using 2 colors you will need 12 in one color and 12 in another color, I am suding metalic gold and metalic navy blue
  3. I used the 9 inch paper plate as a stand to give the centerpiece a little extra height. First I wrapped the styrofoam disc in paper and used the pis to secure it, this is just so the white of the styrofoam does not shine thru, I glued the covered styrofoam disc to the bottom of the plate.
  4. Now I inserted the wired tips of the pre-made squares into the covered disc, the spacing is about .75″ to 1 inch, I used 16 pcs on the first layer, and then to make it fuller and taller I created a 2nd layer. I inserted 8 pcs of folded squares about an 1 inch from the middle, leavinf the center for the final part of the centerpiece.
  5. I used 2 stems of metallic gold onion grass with stars and a plastic graduation stick, then I wired all the pcs together and cut the stems to 1.25 inches. Next I cut a hole in a center of 2 pcs of the 9 inch squares (one of each color) and inserted the cut stem thru the center, I scrunched the paper around the stems and wired again to create a little puff.
  6. I poked a hole in the center of the styrofoam to make room for the 3 wired stems but first filled it with hot glue to make sure it stays put. That completed the centerpiec. The final size of the creation is 15 inches in diameter and 14 inches tall