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adding a bow

7 Oct

Customer service is a wonderful thing, you get to speak to some great people at all hours (this one is for you  David), I always get all excited when a future groom gets all involved in the wedding planing and has a lot of questions about the creation and looks of wedding accessories, the question posed was: if there is a box already decorated with organza ribbon do I need to replace it with the personalized ribbon?,  what else can I do?., Well, yes you can start from scratch and take off the original ribbon and replace it with everything , or get similar and add, but also there is a cost factor, I suggested to just add a personalized satin bow to the existing organza ribbon.

I found little statue in a clear box, the box is 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 4.5″ tall, it is wrapped in organza ribbon with a small bow on top, I created a small satin bow with personalized ribbon, and I will add it on to the existing decoration. Use the thin satin strands and slip under the original bow, and with this you have 3 choices, tie it so the original bow is on the bottom and not showing, second is the original bow on top and third, undo the original bow and tie it on top of the personalized one, here are picture of what it would look like each way

Personally, I like the last one best, tying in the existing organza ribbon, on top of the satin personalized bow, it looks like it was meant to be.