Jordan Almond flower

27 Feb

Here is a new twist to Jordan Almonds, you can make a beautiful flower from nylon leaves and Jordan almonds, the leaves come in little bunches of 12, for out purposes I will use white candy, but they are available in different colors, you will need 5 nylon leaves, couple of green leaves a flower and white floral tape

here are the items you will need

the nylon leaves have a wire border, place an almond in the center and bring the sides together and pinch it slightly to close the leaf keeping the almond securely in the center. You can make the flower out of 5 or 7 almonds, either way they will look great.

Gather all of the items together, the made up nylon leaves, the green leaves and the flower. use one of the stems to wrap everything together to keep it from falling apart, for the best hold start as far at the top as possible

Wrap floral tape around all of the stems, once again starting high at the top

Arrange all of the petals sideways and place the flower in the center, because all of the leaves and flowers are on a wire, the positioning of the leaves does not need much effort.


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