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favor / napkin holder / ornament

11 Dec

With Christmas right around the corner I was trying to think of something decorative that I can give to my guests as well as present it nicely. I wanted to use something I already had and had it in the blog to make it easier and simpler.

This is what I came up with. The star pull bow candy favor, but for Christmas. Just to remind you.

I purchased some fabric die at Jo-Ann Fabric Store. Everything was on sale. I purchased red, green and gold, I mixed a small batch of each in a glass cup, dipped pre-cut ribbon into the cup and air dried it.

The only change I made from the previous arrangements was that I added a ribbon to the ornament which gave us a variety of ideas, as a favor, an ornament and even a napkin holder

for the napin ring holders just wrap the hanging ribbon around the napkin and tuck it behind the flower in front. It will hold the napkin and it makes the table very festive.


The Spirit of Christmas

5 Dec

Something wonderful happened today and I wanted to share it with everyone that would listen or read.
I went to the post office, as I do everyday, it’s cold, windy and very slippery after the last snow fall. I dropped off my packages and was pleasantly surprised that a man held the door for me so I could get thru it with all of my empty bags.  Most of the time I get hit by the door or a person trying to get somewhere first.
Right behind me a small frail elderly lady tapped the man on his shoulder and asked him if he would walk her to her car. It was very slippery.  He smiled, extended his elbow, which she gratefully accepted, and step by slow step he walked her to her car.
He opened the door for her and made sure she was seated properly before closing the door.  As he started to walk away, he looked thru the window onto the back seat and went back to the front and asked the lady something, after few seconds he opened the back seat, took out an ice scraper and proceed to de-ice her rear window with care.
After he was done, he replaced the scraper in it’s former place, smiled to her and slowly walked away.
I felt like I have just experienced the true meaning of Christmas.
So, for all of you men, women and children, that do take that extra step or a minute to help the elderly or less fortunate, I thank you on their behalf and wish you a Very Merry Christmas.