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Rose ornament

30 Nov

I had a brain storm, so I decided to do another one. With after Thanksgiving sales this is a great time to find bargains. Because red roses are out of season, I picked up a bunch of silk red roses at Walmart for 59 cents.

I plucked off 4 roses and found a pice of red 1/8 inch satin ribbon

I put a generous helping of hot glue on the back of each rose and glued the green plastic backs together

I used a pin and hot glue to fasten the satin ribbon to the ball of roses to create a hanging loop, the rose ball is absolutely gorgeous, I will the camera would do it justice.



30 Nov

Every year Christmas is getting closer and closer to 4th of July, I still like the old fashion Christmas at least  after Thanksgiving. So, now that Thanksgiving is over I would like to share some of my ideas for Christmas ornaments.

In my online store, Party Favors Plus, I sell 2 pc.  fill-able balls, they come in 4 different sizes 60mm, 80mm, 100mm and 140mm

I chose the smallest one, 60mm to make an inexpensive easy to make ornament, all you need is a little ribbon, the ball and organza pouch favor circle, they are mostly used for weddings, but you can use them just about for anything, they are very fast and simple to use.

I stuffed a pc of ribbon into the ball

pull the string of the organza

and this is the finished product, the outside is white but it give it a nice transparent look to any color you decide to use inside the ball

Quick office decor

16 Nov

I had a customer recently that was left in charge of decorating an office for a co-workers bridal shower. She got stuck with with the job thru no choice of her own because of unforeseen circumstances. The only item she could think of was personalized napkins, and in the search for a fast supplier (next day air kind) she found me.

She emailed me and sounded desperate, the colors she had to work with were black, red and white. I looked thru all of my available items that I could send out immediately and decided to call her.

As we talked, we decided that white tulle around windows and a desk or table with swags tied with red ribbon and a black flower would give the office some color.

We also decided to use some of the remaining red ribbon to wrap around black dinner napkins. Creating a bow which matched the swags

For favors, white tulle with Jordan almonds and red, white and black ribbon with a red flower.

Also, if available, balloons make a great statement, one of each color of the theme with lots of curling ribbon hanging from the tie knot. Total cost for the decorations under $50.00. Sometimes a simple email with words like “can you help me” goes a long way, when you least expect it. She was thrilled and the party was a success.