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Decorate Cake and Knife Servers

22 Jun
  1. Many brides want their dream weddings to have that little extra decorations and details that costs a lot if purchased already finished, this page will show you how to decorate your own cake and knife server without spending a fortune. A decorated set can cost in access of $30.00. A plain cake and knife server can be purchased for $8.00 to $10.00
  2. For this project I will use a 12 inches of 2″ satin ribbon, 12 inches of 7/8″ satin and organza ribbon, 1/8″ satin ribbon and a flower for the finishing touch
  3. The 2 inch ribbon will be the base for the decoration, just fold the ribbon with both ends sightly overlapping in the back and tie it with 12 inch piece of 1/8 inch ribbon and leave the excess ribbon
  4. Next, with 12 inch strand of the 7/8 inch ribbon create another bow (smaller than the satin one) and also tie it with 12 inches of 1/8 inch satin ribbon
  5. Tie the two bows together and let the thin strands hang down, than use another 12 inch strand of 1/8 inch ribbon to tie the 2 bows to the handle of the server
  6. After tying the bows to the server add a flower for the final touch, try using a flower that is as flat as possible. Cut all of the thin satin ribbons at one length slightly longer than the organza and satin bow, this will give the decoration extra length. If you want a touch of color in this project, try substituting the 7/8 inch ribbon for your wedding color
  7. Here is the final decorated server next to the plain one. Most fabric stores carry ribbon by the yard, or if you have already decorated something don’t be shy to try different kinds of ribbon, just pick a wider one for the base and one half the size of the base ribbon, total cost of the decoration $5.00 for both the servers, and if you make 4 of these decorations you can always decorate your toasting glasses to match

Capias – corsage

15 Jun
  1. To make a capia, which is a corsage to commemorate an occasion we will need a ribbon or a larger flower for the base, I chose a pull bow ribbon. for the center I found a cold porcelain trinket that was already glued onto a piece of lace.  I will add a personalized ribbon and a straight pin for the back, and I also added a small magnet for after the occasion
  2. Using a 1.5 inch wide side pull pull bow, Cut 12 inches and pull together to the center. This will give you a nice large base ruffle
  3. Next I glued on my center trinket, I found a cold porcelain – paste like trinket that was already mounted onto a piece of lace. This gave my capia a little more ruffle, but you can glue any small plastic, glass or ceramic trinket that is representative of the occasion.  Just make sure it is not too heavy
  4. Next I added a personalized ribbon, if you do not have one you can just cut few thin strips of ribbons and glue them on, this will give the capia a little length
  5. To the back I added a pearl head straight pin and glued on a small magnet, for the event the capia can be worn by attaching it with a straight pin, but after an event it makes a great memorable magnet
  6. Here is a sample of the baby shower capia, and also one for a wedding

Champagne centerpiece

1 Jun
  1. I have created an universal graduation centerpiece that can be used for any age graduation, this one is pointed toward a college or over 21 graduate.  The center stage for the centerpiece is a mini champagne bottle
  2. I Chose a mini champagne bottle, because it can be dressed up easier and it is light enough toset it up as a centerpiece, I am also going to use 2 plastic champagne glasses a ribbon for a bow and plain piece of paper to create a diploma.  I also created a little label with a picture to put over the original label.
  3. I am using the same base as in the previous Graduation centerpiece, this is just a variation of the original. Use the school colors of the graduate and if they are not available in metallic paper, plain tissue will work just as well
  4. Place the champagne glasses a little off center, one on it’s side and one stansing up, use a little hot glue to fasten them to the bottom of the centerpiece
  5. Once the glasses are secured, place the decorated champagne glass in the center and attach the graduation hat to the top of the bottle with hot glue, the plain paper rolled up looks like a diploma and also this can be attached to the ribbon and the bottle, and the bow should be representative of school colors.  This centerpiece can also be created for the younger graduates with sparkling grape juice