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graduation favors

27 Apr
  1. To celebrate your special graduate, here are a few easy to make keepsake favors, I used white and burgundy colors, just as you would choose the school colors of the graduate
  2. this favor requires a plastic graduation hat candy / nut cup, candy or any treats you want to give away as favors, personalized ribbon 13 inch long and 1 yard of 1/4″ ribbon.
  3. fill the graduation hat with the treats, tie it on criss cross like a gift box to keep the top and bottom securely in place, and add the personalized ribbon to the top
  4. Here is another simple favor to make,  you will need a mini plastic champagne cup, and small 2 inch graduation statue, personalized ribbon, a 1/4″ ribbon 1 piece of 9 inch tulle and candy of your choice
  5. Make a candy puff with the tulle, make sure the tulle is not centered, just a little shorter in front to show off the statue. Before tieing the tulle insert the small graduation statue on top of the candy and tie off with the narrow ribbon, glue the personalized bowed ribbon to where the narrow ribbon was tied and place it insde the m ini glass, this gives it stability and height
  6. A small trophy is alway a winner as a graduation favor, just add candy, 1 piece of tulle and the personalized ribbon
  7. make a small puff out of the candy and tulle, insert it into the trophy, add the personalized ribbon by gluing it to the pouch and to add a little extra, glue a decorative graduation trinket to the ribbon

wrapping a votive candle

19 Apr
  1. An inexpensive and useful wedding or a shower favor is a votive candle.  You can choose a color to match your wedding or event, but you also want to dress it up a little or a lot depending on your budget.  There is a variety of things you can wrap a candle in -  tulle, organza, organza pouch circle, organza bag or cellophane.  You do not want to use a tissue, the wax on the candles will stain it. I chose a few to show you how it would look like wrapped.
  2. Standard 2 inch tall votive candle in a 3″ x 4″ organza bag
  3. Standard votive candle in cellophane paper 10″ x10″ square with 1/8″ wide satin ribbon 10 inches long
  4. Same candle wrapped in 9 inch tulle circle
  5. This candle is wrapped in 9 inch circle organza with lace like edge
  6. For my final completed project I chose 9 inch organza with light blue iridescent edge, blue satin ribbon personalized with gold print and 2 poly rose buds with wire stems.  I wrapped the candle with organza and tied it with a piece of ribbon to hold organza in place, I pre-made the personalized ribbon by tying it up also with ribbon and then tying it onto the candle, I added the 2 rose buds for that little extra touch,  Do it yourself cost $1.25

Organza Pouch

13 Apr

I recently went to a trade show and found a new item. It is a 9 inch or 12 inch organza circle with flower like petal edges, it also has a satin ribbon close to the edge that you pull to make a pouch.

  1. pouch this is a 9″ organza circle
  2. pouch and candy place candy in the middle of the circle and gently pull on the ribbon
  3. finished pouch pull on the satin ribbons tight and tie a knot and make a bow with the extra ribbon

Candy Favor Boxes

4 Apr
  1. I recently had a customer that asked me how long should a ribbon be to decorate a 2 inch candy box, just looking at the box it looked like a small piece of ribbon would do, after tying it up we found that it takes 24 inches of ribbon to decorate a small box
  2. Put the candy box together and cut a piece of ribbon 24 inches long, the ribbon pictured is 3/8″ picot feather edge double face satin ribbon
  3. tie the ribbon just slightly higher then the center of the box, if the ribbon is personalized, this is very important make sure that the end ties are even, because you want the 2 ends ending up even, this is a little tricky, it might take couple of tried to get it right
  4. Here id the finished bow, and the longer ends would show the personalization, as I mentioned before it is a little tricky to make sure the ends line up perfectly, so here is a simpler way to do this if you have a personalized ribbon
  5. Cut an 8″ piece of ribbon and using hot glue, or fabric glue, affix it to itself at the bottom of the box, you don’t want to glue it to the box, because the guests might want to enjoy the candy from the inside
  6. Next using our bow making technique from previous post (the loop kind) make your bow, which is much, much easier because you are in full control of positioning the personalization, or just ends, once made, glue the bow to the ribbon in front, you can also add a little flower or decoration to the criss cross of the bow